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Oyasin is a heart-based leadership company that guides entrepreneurs, executives and leaders through deep healing and transformation with the sacred medicine.

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Retreats & ceremonies

Oyasin Awakening Retreat


March 4 - 10, 2024


We're thrilled and honoured to invite you to this transformational retreat in Mexico: a deep-dive into the heart.

This retreat blends freediving, with sacred medicine ceremonies, as well as many holistic healing practices. 

Freediving in the cenotes - the water wells of Yucatan - is one of the most profound and beautiful ways to learn to trust your body, to release tension, and to surrender.


Located in the jungle of Yucatan Mexico, beyond freediving we will open our hearts with the medicine of cacao, and we'll expand our consciousness with the medicine of mushrooms in the Mexican Maria Sabina tradition. Moreover we'll sit with Mexican desert medicine (known as the 'medicine of love') guided by the Mara'akames from the Huichol tribe in an all-night ceremony at a sacred Mayan site in the jungle.

We will use yoga, meditation and breathwork to get into our bodies. We'll experience temazcal, water prayers at open cenotes, and many ancient healing rituals.

This week-long retreat is designed to guide you towards full transformation, opening your heart to love, a strong self-connection, trust in your body and your path, deep gratitude, and clarity on your purpose.

2023-04-23 20.29_edited.jpg

We're honoured to invite you to our Mayan Cacao Ceremony according to the teachings and permission of a family of the Mayan curanderas in Guatemala.

This is a place to connect, breathe, express, feel, release, give, receive, move, pray, sing, awaken and expand our consciousness.

We will share some of the medicines that we honour and respect so deeply, including:

🤍Breathwork Journey
❤️Mayan Cacao Ceremony

Our ceremonies are deep journeys into the heart, connecting us to our inner child and self-love, through ceremony and prayer. We work with the Mayan spirits and with our ancestors.

Through healing touch we facilitate emotional release processes.

Various countries

Mayan Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork Journey

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-06 at 3.25.22 PM.jpeg

Private Mushroom Ceremony
Various countries

Our clients often ask us for private mushroom ceremonies, either alone, or together with their partner or friends.

Journeying with mushrooms can be incredibly impactful when dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, post-traumatic stress, and addiction.


The mushrooms (know as the 'teachers') show you deep truths, inducing feelings of oneness with everything, deep gratitude for nature, understanding, peace, optimism, and meaning of life.


Our way of guiding with the sacred medicine of mushrooms is a combination of the shamanic - working with medicine music, sound, healing touch, and spirit -

with the Western; deep preparation and integration sessions, breathwork and meditation. 

Yucatán-México2 (1).jpg

Private Retreat
Portugal or Mexico

All year round

Our clients often approach us to design tailor-made experiences, with the medicine(s), location, durations, healing themes, and healing modalities of choice.

An example of this is an 8-day retreat we recently hosted in the jungle of Tulum for two people, with Mexican desert ceremonies guided by Ma'arakames at a sacred Mayan ceremonial site in the jungle, mushroom ceremony, cacao ceremony, water prayers in the cenotes, and many healing practices.

These private retreats are highly intimate, healing, and transformational.

Our transformation journeys include a retreat, in which we combine sacred medicine and ancient self-knowledge with the latest innovations in personal development.
Our guides are the best facilitators, shamans and coaches in their respective fields, and we take an innovative approach towards personal development, tapping into a variety of methods, including plant medicine, temazcal and sauna, ice baths, meditation, sound healing, voice liberation, truth hikes, movement, shamanic breathwork, and shadow work, deep preparation and integration, to create what we believe is the best entry onto the path of an extraordinary life.
Even though plant medicine is an important element of our retreats, it's more than 'just' a plant medicine retreat: it's a journey of self-love, designed to create lasting transformation.
Our retreats take place in stunning eco-retreat centres in Portugal and Mexico.
We also offer private journeys upon request, cacao ceremonies, as well as 1-on-1 mentorship.
Each of us deserves a life of purpose, joy, authentic leadership and loving relationships. While there is no miracle cure, with the right focus, guidance and integration, extraordinary transformation is possible. We have witnessed profound breakthroughs that still give us goose bumps, and put a smile on our faces.

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Home: Welcome

Does this sound familiar to you?


Ready for purpose

You’re ready to live a life of purpose bigger than yourself, to do something great for the world, yet you struggle to define what that purpose is.

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Repetitive thoughts that you’re unable to ‘turn off’, as well as comparison to others, doubting your abilities, regretting your choices. 

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Burned out

Feeling restless, frustrated, tension in the body, low energy, struggling to prioritize, feeling that you’re never quite ‘done’, decreased performance or motivation.

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Feeling disconnected from yourself and others,  relationships feel challenging or strained, wanting to improve relationships, but not sure how.

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In need of peace

Frustration over inability to control things, unable to maintain a peaceful state of mind, longing to reduce complexity and have a 'break through', feeling that something is missing, yet unable to define what it is.

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Unhealthy patterns

A tendency of relying on alcohol, drugs, technology, wealth creation, porn, or food to ‘release’ and to feel alive. Keep falling back in old patterns, making those choices that we know are not good for us.

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Feelings of pride, anger, desire keep interfering with your flow, fear of losing everything you’ve built, fear that you'll never be 'whole', judging yourself and others, a scarcity mindset.

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What our clients say

Home: Testimonials

"Trust is always something I've struggled with.

Being a serial entrepreneur with many enterprises across the world has made me successful, yet I often felt scattered, and not present.

Since the retreat, I've been more present than I've ever been. The ceremonies felt tribal. The sharing around the fire. The process guided by Mo is very deep, and extremely effective.

This was healing for me. This was in fact, the most important experience of my life.

Sacha G.
37, entrepreneur, France


"This Oyasin Compassion Retreat combining medicine and spirituality was pure and total bliss. Mo, Lina and Luna were amazing. The retreat participants were inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders following a powerful purpose and passion.


I found the cacao incredibly loving and warm and gentle. With the help of Lina's touch I was able to open up to grief and sadness and anger that was stuck inside my chest. What a relief!


The mushroom ceremony was a sacred gift. I was able to release my storyline of physical identity and connect with the essence of life, to see the timeless truth in everything.


It left me with a deep, grounded sense of peace. I can’t wait to journey with Mo and her team again!

John E.
32, entrepreneur, USA

Definitely one of the most impactful & insightful experiences I had in my life. 


The preparation mentorship was very well structured with Mo perfectly blending ancient wisdom, human behavior and spiritual guidance. 


Mo is a spiritual guide, with a solid understanding of human behavior, as well the challenges that executives and corporations face, which enables the participants to take out the most of the entire experience. 


Based on radical truth and honesty, we learn to face and embrace our true self, working our intentions from a place of powerful vulnerability, masterly supported by the entire team of Oyasin.


A special thank you to Mo, for giving us the opportunity to become better human beings and living happier lives🤍

Sandra M.

45, Executive, Portugal

I feel reborn.

The ceremonies were powerful, and the thorough preparation and the unwavering support of the guides made me feel safe and strong enough to face my deepest truths, and to release that what kept me stuck in the same 'hamster wheel'.

It’s been a real joy to return to my family and company with this newly gained wisdom and tools.

Anna S.

39, Investor, UK

I came to Oyasin to deal with patterns around anger, in order to be better husband, father, son, and human.

The facilitators were experienced, open, steady and great guides.

Coming back home, my wife and everyone around me have been very happy with this 'new person' :)

Allan H.

59, Consultant, USA

Oyasin Expansion was life-changing.


I feel like I found myself.

I'm 38 years old, and that's a long time to walk through life feeling lost.

Now I feel like I'm mentally, physically, and spiritually where I'm meant to be: I feel whole.

I return to my family a different man. Mo, I'm eternally grateful for that.

Andrew B.
38, Doctor, USA

It’s been 3 months since we last sat with Mo in ceremony in the jungle in Mexico, and I still unpack and practice the guidance that I received. The impact of working with Oyasin feels permanent. 


Going in with no expectations, I was surprised to find that I had been holding on to my feelings so tightly that I no longer felt them. Instead of letting them express, I lashed out to my dearests in the most destructive ways. Being able to learn effectively and deeply the simple way of being with my feelings in a compassionate and patient manner was such a timely gift.


Mo prepares the busy, corporate, city-life individual to be able to sit in ceremony with plant medicine with reciprocity, reverence and respect.

I've revived my relationships with myself, my loved ones and the lands where I come from. 


Thank you so much Mo for your facilitation, guidance and tender space-holding. You are precious. 

Aline Y.
42, Entrepreneur, Singapore

The Oyasin Compassion Retreat helped me to feel again. To connect to my own medicine within, which I had forgotten to connect to. As a woman in business, I’m always ‘in action’, productive, busy, and often (or always) in my head.

I have experienced Mo, Luna and Lina as modern-day priestesses, each of them with their own way of holding space, inspiring, praying, and making music. I'm so grateful for these three courageous and sensitive women, for being so humble and authentic, for embracing us every time we needed them, for teaching us how to walk the path of truth and transformation.

With Mo’s guidance I had very deep experiences during the Mayan cacao and the medicine ceremonies, and I could fully let go and surrender, shed many tears, and saw the truth of everything. It was the whole Oyasin process with the preparation and integration sessions before and after though, that made this retreat so impactful to me.


Words can’t describe what my heart (re)learned!

It’s been one month since the retreat, and I feel more peaceful than ever. It feels as if I have access to much more love: I feel grateful for my family, and for my life. My sons tell me how relaxed I now am, and they love how playful I am with them. Thank you so much for everything.

Sandra S.
47, Surgeon & Healthcare Entrepreneur, Swizterland

Home: Testimonials

"It was probably the most authentic plant medicine experience I've ever encountered. 

It was my first time with Oyasin, and it's been indescribable to sit with mara'akames from the desert in Mexico.

The loving space held by Mo and team, the quality of the healing modalities; there was an incredible flow to it.

It was an Oyasin Peyote retreats for CEOs, and yet it felt like family; we all became brothers and sisters.

We were visited by 5 deers during ceremony! The deer is the spirit animal of the medicine we sat with.

It's truly been a once in a lifetime experience for me."

Daniel K.
40, investor in psychedelic space, Germany


Unconditional love.

Our participants often comment on the love they feel from our team.

As much as we work with the sacred plants, the secret ingredient that guides the big transformations that our participants are experiencing, is unconditional love.

Love is a powerful medicine, and fuelled with the courage that the caring and loving support of our guides brings, our participants are able to go on their deepest inner journey.

We'll let the love in the pictures speaks for itself.

Home: About

Giving back to earth.

At Oyasin we are students of the sacred medicine.

It's a life-long journey, and we walk this path with an open heart, and complete devotion.

Our retreats and ceremonies include rituals to give back to earth.


We share the importance of learning to give before receiving with our participants.

For each retreat and ceremony, we donate an amount to the Oyasin Foundation, through which we support projects that protect and advance the earth, the medicine, and the keepers of the medicine's wisdom. 


The Invitation

All of our retreats are designed specifically to break through the armour of the entrepreneurs and executives, who might over-identify with their professional selves, and might have focused more attention on their performance and success, than their happiness, health and wellbeing.

Our approach takes into account the resistance that this armour brings, and gently but firmly invites openness and acceptance.

Our retreats are exclusive not only in the sense of beautiful locations and accomodation, but rather because we choose to run only a limited number of highly specialized retreats per year.

This enables us to dedicate most of our time to ensuring the quality and impact of our journeys.

Our journeys are invite-only.

Home: About

1-on-1 mentorship

Natural Silk

Safe Journey

All year round

Would you like to arrive at your next plant medicine ceremony - whether with Oyasin or elsewhere - full of trust and confidence, with a clear intention?

Oyasin Safe Journey supports you with the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical preparation, so that you can safely go on your deepest journey.

Image by Tim Swaan

Heart-based Leadership

All year round

How do you integrate everything you've seen during the retreat, in your daily life? How do you make the transformation a lasting one? How do you actualize your life's purpose?

Oyasin Integration guides you towards heart-based leadership, and living a life of purpose, empowerment, and peace.

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