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The Oyasin Collection

'The Oyasin Collection' is a collaboration between Oyasin and NFT artist Mirros.

It blends the shamanic with the artistic, the purposeful with the digital.

These four directions - the shamanic, the artistic, the purposeful and the digital - represent four different worlds, seemingly disconnected.

We believe that by connecting them, we can amplify the power that lies in each of these worlds, in order to fulfil our mission: to open people's hearts to the magic of our world, and to this moment right now.

The shamans and their sacred medicine remind us how the healing we as humans long for, is already inside us.

They generously share the wisdom of their ancestors and teach us the intimate rituals of their lineage.

The Oyasin Collection pays homage to the shamans and their sacred instruments.

By sharing their stories, Oyasin spreads their message to the world, and guides people to a state of trust, respect and connectedness - to themselves, to each other and to source.

This way, the NFT art itself becomes medicine.

NFT artist Mirros blends symbols from the medicine world (spirit animals, plants, the elements) specific to each lineage, with ceremonial scenes. Mirros' artistic style reminds us of an altered state of consciousness.

20% of the revenue of the Oyasin Collection is dedicated to the indigenous medicine people, as well as the conservation of the Amazon and the sacred medicine.

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"We often speak about the generosity of the medicine people, and how spending time with them is a reminder to us every time to be in this very moment right now, and how simple to answers to the big questions in life can be. How we make our lives so unnecessarily complicated.

Since Mirros and I represent and take part in all these different worlds, we started dreaming about a project that would connect and honour all of them. Being close friends based in Lisbon, our collaboration is an obvious one.

We believe what would add to the NFT space, is the heart.

Many projects we see in the NFT and crypto space are fairly 'head-based'.

We don't need more alienation, we need concepts that contribute to our human connection - and to our collective healing.

By uniting the shamanic, the artistic and the NFT space, we hope to open people's hearts, and this way our NFT artworks will become medicine.

NFTs from the heart. NFTs for the good"

- Mo, founder at Oyasin

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Mo is a sacred medicine guide, and founder at Oyasin, a heart-based leadership company that guides entrepreneurs through deep healing and transformation with the medicine.
She works closely with shamans from a variety of lineages.



Mirros is a self-taught NFT artist to whom the art creation process feels like both an exploration and a meditation. He uses the digital to create vibrant animated artworks and draws inspiration from his own spiritual journey.

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