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Most of you are pondering similar questions, and feeling a similar mixture of excitement and trepidation before joining. Here are some of the questions we get asked most regularly that might resonate with you.

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Why 7 weeks?

Profound transformation doesn’t happen by chance.
Oyasin Expansion is a holistic approach to transformation, and includes a variety of healing modalities. Each of these modalities (shadow work, coaching, regressions, breathing and meditation techniques, sauna, icebaths) are powerful on their own, but even more so when combined.

How do I know if I qualify?

After immersing yourself in all the information on our website, and doing your own research, you can apply for the retreat.
Our team of professionals will review the application, and if it’s a fit, you’ll receive an invite to book the retreat.

Do I need any experience to join?

Not at all. Our extensive preparation, the personalized support of the entire process, as well as the loving care of our team is specifically designed for first-timers to have a profound and safe journey.

I'm experienced. Can I still join?

Definitely. We have many participants who have journeyed multiple times - sometimes even dozens of times.
Our approach has shown to bring a new level of depth, insight and transformation to even the most experienced journeyer.


I feel afraid. Is this normal?

The calling for Ayahuasca generally comes with a level of doubt and trepidation. It’s normal to feel some fear when engaging with a powerful - potentially life-changing - medicine. On a deeper level, this might be the ego knowing it’s going to lose ground.

How do I know that it's safe?

Our process includes a mental and physical health screening, which is reviewed by medical professionals. Moreover, during the preparation process we guide you with the diet preparation, which cleanses the body and the mind, allowing you to journey safely. During the retreat our team of experienced and loving guides, shamans and coaches will offer you all the support that you need.

Who are the shamans?

We work with highly experienced medicine people, from a variety of lineages.
We choose to work with them based upon their longstanding (decades-long) experience with the medicine, their wisdom, and their capacity to hold a powerful space.
Being part of our team, it's particularly important that they share the loving and caring nature and energy of our team

What are the risks I should be aware of?

Given that you’ve passed the medical and the physical screening, and you’re committed to the preparation and the diet prior to the retreat, the risks are minimal. Beyond this, the main risk would be to not being able to let go of the need to control - something that entrepreneurs are particularly prone to.
Our extensive preparation is designed to overcome this risk: we make sure that our entrepreneurs arrive with an open heart, with trust and faith, ready to dive deep.


Should I book a group or private retreat?

Generally, the group setting is a great environment for healing. The sense of community, and the support that participants offer each other, has led to new friendships as well as business partnerships in our previous retreats.
If you’re looking for a tailor-made experience, based upon your specific requirements, with dedicated support only for you, you may want to consider a private journey with us. Let us know your specific needs, and we’ll send you a personalized offer.

Will I have privacy and alone time?

For sure. You will have a private room, allowing you privacy and comfort during the retreat.
We’ve also included plenty of space for reflection, journaling and solitude during the retreat.

Can I be added to the waiting list?

Since we run a limited number of highly specialized retreats per year, naturally our retreats fill up quickly.
You can definitely be added to the waiting list for a specific retreat, and we’ll notify you in case a spot opens up.

Can I change my mind after booking?

After booking the retreat, we’ll schedule our preparation sessions.
If after the first session you feel that it’s not the right fit with you, we’ll refund you.


Will you guide the detox diet?

Yes we do. During the preparation sessions you'll be introduced to La dieta. We take the approach of easing into it over the course of two weeks, with the last week, and especially the last 72 hours being quite strict.

Since it's more useful to speak about what you can than what you cannot eat, we'll share recipes with you too.

What we generally see is that participants who commit fully to the detox, experience positive changes already prior to the start of the retreat.

Is coaching included?

The retreat includes two 1-on-1 preparation sessions, one group  session, one 1-on-1 coaching session during the retreat, and two group integration sessions post-retreat.
There’s an option to book a 7-week integration coaching track additionally, to incorporate everything you've seen and experienced in your day-to-day life.
You can find more info here: xx

How can I fit the sessions into my busy schedule?

Upon booking the retreat, you’ll receive an invite to book your preparation sessions, at a time and date that is most convenient to you.
Since the sessions are online, all you need is to log in to the call, and we take care of the rest.

How can I communicate with Oyasin and the participants?

You'll be added to a Telegram group, where we share logistics info, and where you'll be able to meet to other participants.


I've been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, can I still join?

During the physical and mental health screening by our professionals we decide - at times together with your therapist - whether it's right for you to join.

If you're on medication for depression (SSRIs), you'd gradually taper them down, to be completely off them for two weeks prior to the ceremony.

Can I decide to opt out on taking the sacred medicine at the retreat?

You're completely free in your decision to take the sacred medicine. In fact, we encourage you to feel into it on the day of the ceremony.
After taking the first cup, the decision to have more medicine is also yours.
The medicine itself will be guiding you in this decision: something that becomes apparent during the ceremony.

How is Oyasin different from other retreats?

More than just a retreat, we offer a 7-week transformation process, in which we guide you personally, 1-on-1, through a variety of healing modalities that have proven to lead to lasting transformation.
Rather than our words though, we let the experience of our participants speak for itself, have a look here:

Anything I need to prepare?

There's nothing you need to prepare, nothing to get right or wrong.
All you need is commitment to the process and more importantly: to your healing. What also helps is scheduling time off work so that you can go offline for the retreat. Going offline will help you to go deeper in your journey.

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