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Oyasin Expansion Retreat

October 28 - 31, Portugal
Ayahuasca & Huachuma

5-week transformation journey for entrepreneurs, leaders and executives


Are you motivated to embrace deep inner healing?


Are you ready to experience clarity, happiness, and peak performance without stress?


Are you in need of a breakthrough?

Oyasin Expansion is a 5-week personal transformation journey (including a 4-day high-end retreat) for leaders, entrepreneurs and executives, combining plant medicine, ancient self-knowledge with the latest innovations in personal development.


Our guides are the best facilitators, shamans and coaches in their respective fields, and we take an innovative approach towards personal development, tapping into a variety of methods.


Even though plant medicine is an important element of our retreats, it's more than 'just' a plant medicine retreat: it's a journey of self-love, designed to create lasting transformation.

We've created Oyasin Expansion in response to the main requests we receive from our clients: how to activate the wisdom of our own heart? How to be truthful with ourselves and shed illusions, and shed anything that doesn't serve our highest good? How to truly become compassionate towards ourselves and others? How to feel emotions and become free of them? How to connect to our bodies? How to live a meaningful life, with purpose, and connection to everything?​


Oyasin Expansion is our answer.


Each of us deserves a life of purpose, joy, authentic leadership, and loving relationships. While there is no miracle cure, with the right focus, guidance, and integration, extraordinary transformation is possible. We have witnessed profound breakthroughs that still give us goosebumps, and put a smile on our faces.


All of our retreats are designed specifically to break through the armor of the entrepreneurs, who might over-identify with their professional selves, and might have focused more attention on their performance and success, than their happiness, health, and wellbeing. Our approach takes into account the resistance that this armor brings, and gently but firmly invites openness and acceptance.


Our retreats are exclusive not only in the sense of beautiful locations and accommodation but rather because we choose to run only a limited number of highly specialized retreats per year. This antidote to the mass approach enables us to dedicate most of our time to ensure the quality and impact of our journeys.


The entire process - including the pre-retreat coaching, psychological screening, the 4-day retreat, and the post-retreat integration coaching - takes 5 weeks.


Our retreats are limited to a maximum of 12 participants, because we believe that deep healing and transformation happens in intimate settings, with focused one-on-one support during the preparation and integration. We work with 4 highly experienced guides, to create the safest, and most loving environment for you.


The 4-day retreat includes an Ayahuasca ceremony, a Huachuma ceremony, a Cacao ceremony, and various Rituals throughout the retreat.


Moreover we include a wide variety of Holistic Healing Practices to assist with releasing, grounding and self-connection, including breathwork, concious relating practices, ice baths, bonding yoga, mindfulness nature walks, yoga & meditation, voice liberation, truth circles, movement & dance, gifting rituals, and shadow work, to create what we believe is the best entry onto the path of an extraordinary life.

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Native Drums

Retreat Highlights

- Highly personalized pre- and post-retreat coaching by experts

- Psychological screening to guarantee your safety and the right fit with the medicine

- Sacred medicine Ceremony - Ayahuasca night ceremony guided by ayahuasceros and musicians

- Sacred medicine Ceremony - Huachuma day ceremony guided by huachumera

- Sacred medicine Ceremony - Cacao day ceremony guided by Mo

- Two one-on-one pre-retreat coaching sessions to get clarity on ceremony intentions & dive into body, mind, and soul

- Guidance with dieta and purification process

- A group preparation coaching session to connect with the group 

- Various sacred Rituals

- 4-day high-end retreat in stunning family-owned eco retreat center in the forest close to Lisbon

- Intimate group of 12 people maximum, guided by 3 facilitators (highly personal) 

- Three group integration coaching sessions post-retreat

- Ice bath with guided meditation and breathwork

- Wim Hof breathwork

- Bonding yoga

- Meditation and yoga

- Body Restoration practices

- Truth and Sharing Circles

- Voice liberation and singing Circles

- Gifting Rituals

- Mindfulness walks in nature reserve

- Each retreatant has a private room with bathroom large double bed to guarantee rest and privacy

- Delicious vegan / vegetarian organic meals, with veggies and herbs from the garden

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Retreat Elements

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Who is this for?

Leaders & Pioneers

Leaders and pioneers whose decisions influence many people, who have the responsibility and ability to lead and pave the way for the future, yet who might have temporarily have lost inspiration themselves.


Executives who want to expand their power beyond the boardroom; to become a better leader, and a better human, and work from an inner purpose, and attain the new archetype of success.


Successful and ‘recovering’ entrepreneurs who have spent most of their lives building and growing their businesses, and who might have neglected the deepest part of themselves.

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What is this retreat about?

The Oyasin Expansion Retreat is designed to bring about balance and enhance your mental, physical, and spiritual health. This is achieved through:


1. Inner Peace: You will learn to cultivate a deep sense of serenity and balance within yourself, learning how to effectively manage stress and emotional triggers through mindful meditation and self-inquiry practices.


2. Healing: Dive deep into a healing journey that allows you to heal past traumas and liberate suppressed emotions. Guided by the wisdom of sacred plants, you access the deepest layers of truth and love within yourself.


3. Personal Transformation: Witness your own growth and self-discovery through an impactful blend of ancient spiritual practices and cutting-edge personal development strategies. 


4. Relationship Enrichment: Enhance your interpersonal connections through the power of compassionate and truthful communication, fostering growth not just within yourself, but also in your relationships.


5. Joy & Gratitude: Embrace a heightened sense of joy and gratitude as you align more authentically with your true self, celebrating the journey of life and its myriad lessons and experiences.


6. Professional Growth: Elevate your professional life by integrating compassion and authenticity into your leadership style, creating a work environment that is both harmonious and innovative.


7. Sustainable Practices: Equip yourself with sustainable daily practices to perpetuate your inner peace, personal growth, and enriched relationships long after the retreat.


8. Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey of self-discovery and transformation, providing a network of support for your continued growth. 


This retreat is about you – your health, your balance, your transformation, and your journey towards a more authentic and fulfilled life.

Does this sound familiar to you?


Ready for purpose

You’re ready to live a life of purpose bigger than yourself, to do something great for the world, yet you struggle to define what that purpose is.

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Repetitive thoughts that you’re unable to ‘turn off’, as well as comparison to others, doubting your abilities, regretting your choices.

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Burned out

Feeling restless, frustrated, tension in the body, low energy, struggling to prioritize, feeling that you’re never quite ‘done’, decreased performance or motivation.

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Feeling disconnected from yourself and others, relationships feel challenging or strained, wanting to improve relationships, but not sure how.

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In need of peace

Frustration over inability to control things, unable to maintain a peaceful state of mind, longing to reduce complexity and have a 'break through', feeling that something is missing, yet unable to define what it is.

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Unhealthy patterns

A tendency of relying on alcohol, drugs, technology, wealth creation, porn, or food to ‘release’ and to feel alive. Keep falling back in old patterns, making those choices that we know are not good for us.

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Feelings of pride, anger, desire keep interfering with your flow, fear of losing everything you’ve built, judging yourself and others, a scarcity mindset.

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This retreat is for you if

- You're ready for a breakthrough
- You want overcome unhealthy patterns, habits, and improve your relationships
- Your wellbeing is your highest priority
- You have the calling to work with plant medicine
- You're willing to commit to your full transformation

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Amongst the commonly mentioned benefits of
Oyasin Expansion are:

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Sense of purpose

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Clarity on life direction

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Peace of mind

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Increased inner freedom

Untitled presentation (9)_edited.jpg

Feelings of gratitude

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Connection and improved relationships

Oyasin Expansion: Features

What our clients say

I came to the retreat to deal with crippling fear, that was affecting my relationships, my work and my life.

From the bottom of my heart, this retreat has given me the most profound, magical and healing experience of my life.

27 years of healing, in a few weeks. For that, I am forever grateful!

Claudia C. 

27, Head of people, UK

Without a doubt, this was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

I wanted to overcome the fear that was blocking me from living fully.

Oyasin made me face what I was avoiding and why I was struggling, and it brought me the feeling of peace, confidence, and a new approach to life.

I'm deeply grateful to the guides and how they carry this retreat with such love and support.

To Mo to hold the space with such powerful strength, wisdom and trust, and most importantly: for guiding me into trusting myself, to accept myself and to be one with myself!

To Cristiano who brought the wisdom of the plants with such loving care. To Miguel who guided us with his beautiful music, protecting and holding us.

I strongly recommend this magical experience to everyone, to find the path to your true self, to find peace and break through patterns.

Linn T.

35, entrepreneur, Sweden

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